Premier P7200 Folder Service Guide

P7200 Feed Roller Replacement (Part Number MRO720085)

Tools Needed: Phillips and Standard screwdriver, Needle-nose pliers.

1. Disconnect power to the machine.
2. Remove both fold tables from the machine.
3. Remove the top cover for manual feeding by removing the 2 screws near the sides of the machine.

4. Remove the non-operator’s side cover (non-switch side) by removing the four Phillips screws from the side frame near each corner.
5. Loosen the operator’s side cover (switch side) by removing the four Phillips screws from the side frame.
CAUTION: The switch will still have the wires connected. Do not pull on it.

6. Remove the black o-ring or flat belt from the pulley on the feed roller shaft on the operator’s side.
7. Remove the pulley by removing the e-clip.

8. Remove the e-clips from the feed roller shaft holding the feed pulley on, then remove the feed pulley and remove the e-clip behind the pulley on the outside of the frame. The last e-clip is next to the feed roller. You don’t need to remove the other e-clip by the spring.
9. Slide the feed roller shaft toward the non-operator’s side frame until the end comes out of the operator’s side frame.

10. Remove the old feed roller and put on the new one.

11. Reverse the process to reassemble. NOTE: Make sure the leg of the clutch spring is put back into the hole of the feed roller hub.
12. Reinstall the clips, pulley and covers.
13. NOTE: If your model has the silver washer on it… it goes between the e-clip and the spring.

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