Martin Yale 62001 Letter Opener Parts

Martin Yale 62001 Letter Opener Common Parts and other information is listed on this page. If you need other parts, please look at the parts manual and search for the parts using the search box at the top of the website.

Please check your serial number on your 62001 Letter Opener:
Serial numbers above 39625.02190.Jxx are the current version of the machine.
Serial numbers between 25,000 and 39625.02190.Jxx are the old version. The old version uses some different parts and some parts may not be available.
Serial numbers below 25,000 are very old models. This very old model uses a DC motor. No support is available for the very old model. It is recommended to purchase a new one.

For serial numbers above 39625.02190.Jxx (Current version)


For serial numbers between 25,000 and 39625.02190.Jxx (Old version)

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