Martin Yale 1217A Folder Service Guide

1217A RETARDER ADJUSTMENT (Sheet Separator)

If there is a flat spot on top of the retarder, loosen the screw in the center of the retarder (red roller) and rotate to a new surface.

The retarder roller should be round on top where it contacts the feed wheel.
Now tighten the retarder mounting screw so the retarder will NOT spin.
The retarder should just touch the feed wheel.
To adjust the retarder pressure, use the spring loaded nut under the feed table.

If the retarder is too loose, it will feed more than one sheet at a time. If it is too tight, it will not feed at all.


Remove the side cover of the machine without the switch on it.

The clutch gear is the top gear.

Remove the E clip with a flat tip screwdriver. Pry in the slot to move the E clip out of the groove.
This is spring steel so it may pop off. You can cover it with a rag to catch it when it pops off.

Remove the E clip and washer and set aside to reuse.

The clutch gear will now slip off.

Lubricate the clutch inside the gear with a light machine oil such as 3 in 1 or TriFlow.

Reinstall gear, washer and then the E clip.
The E clip can be popped back in place by pushing it into the grove with a wide tip flat tip screwdriver.

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